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When my car died for the fifth time this year, I knew that I needed to do something to improve things. I decided to start looking around for little upgrades that I could do on my own, and I ended up completely replacing the oil and changing out the air filter. The difference was astounding. My car seemed to have more power, and so I decided to keep going with my little tune-ups. This blog is all about improving your car one thing at a time and knowing what to do if you encounter car problems when you are on the road.


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Signs Of A Faulty Auto AC Evaporator

The air conditioning system is a crucial part of any vehicle as it makes the atmosphere comfortable despite sweltering temperatures. Generally, auto AC systems have a switch that monitors the temperatures, thus ensuring the system's optimal performance. This switch, located on or near the AC evaporator, responds suitably to temperature changes. Thus, your AC also develops problems if your evaporator's temperature detector fails. Below are indicators of a malfunctioning AC evaporator temperature detector.

The AC Releases Cold Air Weakly or Not at All

A faulty AC evaporator switch does not effectively blow cool air into the vehicle. This is because it cannot perceive the temperature of the evaporator and therefore does not react. As a result, your car's interior becomes hot and suffocating at crucial times when you need it to be cool and agreeable. In such cases, it is imperative that you contact your mechanic for repairs in order to resolve the situation promptly. The auto repair technician also inspects the entire system for leaks because if the AC releases warm air, your evaporator coil is likely leaking. Regardless of the cause of the issue, the specialist diagnoses and addresses it.

Fluctuating Temperatures

Your auto AC might unpredictably release warm or cold air, depending on the message conveyed to the system. You consistently enjoy the cool air when the switch is functional and effective. However, if it is fickle, it relays information to the system unreliably, leading to temperature fluctuations. These inconsistencies are not only uncomfortable but also damaging to your unit. The frequent, abrupt temperature changes exert excess pressure on your compressor, exposing the system to premature breakdown. Nonetheless, immediately contacting your mechanic helps save you trouble and safeguards the system's lifespan.

AC Compressor Does Not Activate

The compressor is responsible for circulating the refrigerant within the system. How effectively it performs depends on the pressure under which it runs. For example, in case of leaks, the pressure reduces, affecting the compressor's ability to activate. Yet, if pressure is not the problem, your AC evaporator sensor may be faulty or deteriorating. Unfortunately, a failed switch will likely damage the compressor without timely professional intervention. Even a slight problem with your evaporator can affect the entire AC unit if left unchecked. Thus, if the evaporator temperature sensor is malfunctioning, your mechanic should replace it as soon as possible.

Diagnosing a defective car AC evaporator detector is a complex task that requires an expert who understands your car's optimal functioning. Managing the problem is also feasible and requires a prompt resolution. Waiting too long may be detrimental, requiring a replacement of the switch plus other elements. If you need a car air conditioning service, contact an auto shop near you.