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4 Hydraulic Troubleshooting Tips To Get To The Bottom Of Dump Trailer Problems

If you rely on a dump trailer to do daily work, the machine can get a lot of wear, and problems can cause your business to lose valuable time. Therefore, you want to know how to troubleshoot problems with hydraulic systems to solve issues quickly and continue with work. The following tips will help you troubleshoot those problems that cause your dump trailer to fail: 

Check the Hydraulic Fluid Levels and Look for Leaking Lines 

The most common reason for the hydraulic systems of your dump trailer to not work efficiently is fluid levels getting low. The first thing that you want to do when your dump trailer does not work properly is to check the fluid level and then check for minor hose and connection leaks that you may be able to repair quickly and solve the issue.  

Cleaning the Strainer to Remove Particles That Can Damage the Pump  

Inside the pump, there is a strainer, which helps prevent dirt particles from getting inside and causing damage. This strainer can become clogged and stop the pump or reduce its efficiency. Clean the strainer to see if this solve the problem, and if there is a problem with the pump, try cleaning out any particles that have gotten in the hydraulic system. You may need help with repairs if dirt particles have gotten inside the pump and hydraulic lines because of a dirty strainer.  

Bleeding Air out of the Lines That Can Cause Hydraulic System Problems  

Hydraulic systems work by moving fluid in manifolds and cylinders, which provides the working force to raise a dump trailer to empty a load. If you are having trouble getting the dump trailer to raise or lower, then you may want to try bleeding air out of the system by opening relieve valves until fluid comes out with no air bubbles in it. If bleeding the air out of lines and cylinders does not work, then it may be another problem that needs to be repaired.  

Repair Damaged Pumps, Seals, and Hoses That Could Cause Hydraulic System Failures  

Sometimes, the problem with hydraulic systems can be with pumps that eventually fail due to the everyday workloads of dump trailers. If you have tried opening relieve valves, bleeding the hydraulics, and repairing leaks, then check the pump and look for damaged hoses and connections that may be the culprit causing the problems with your trailer.  

These troubleshooting tips to help get to the bottom of dump trailer problems. If your hydraulic system has failed or you need help with other repairs, contact a dump trailer repair service to get your trailer back to work as quickly as possible. Reach out to a company such as RJ Trailer Sales to learn more.