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When my car died for the fifth time this year, I knew that I needed to do something to improve things. I decided to start looking around for little upgrades that I could do on my own, and I ended up completely replacing the oil and changing out the air filter. The difference was astounding. My car seemed to have more power, and so I decided to keep going with my little tune-ups. This blog is all about improving your car one thing at a time and knowing what to do if you encounter car problems when you are on the road.


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3 RV Body Upgrades To Make Your Travels More Enjoyable

When you take an RV on vacation, you may have service work done to it to prepare for the road. Some of the work that is done may include improvements. You may also need to do repairs to the body, and there are upgrades that can also be done to the bodywork of your RV, which can include features like slide out trays and undercarriage storage compartments. Here are some of the improvements you may want to consider for your RV when doing work to the body:

1.Using Membranes To Integrate Solar Into The Body

Adding membranes to the roof can be a great way to add solar energy to your RV. Having a solar array integrated to your roof has many benefits. It can help provide energy to appliances and reduce fuel consumption. It can also help reduce the need for a gas generator, which can also help reduce the cargo weight of your RV. 

2. Adding Storage To Your RV With Exterior Boxes

You may also want to add storage to your RV with exterior boxes. You can have lockable boxes installed on the undercarriage to give you a place to store things you do not want to carry inside the RV. It can also help you clear space and clutter to keep your RV organized and feel more like at home.

3. Give Your RV The Tools You Need With A Slide Out Tool Chest

There are many different things that can happen while on the road, so you will want to have the tools to deal with anything that happens. This can be done with the addition of a slide out tool chest that is mounted on the under carriage. In addition, you may want to have road side assistance for things like tire changes and emergency services that a small toolset cannot deal with.

4. Using Fiberglass Body Parts To Take Off Weight Wherever Possible

Keeping the weight down of your RV is a great way to improve the fuel consumption. When you are having body repairs done (by professionals such as those from Car And Truck Services Inc., you may want to consider using fiberglass or lightweight carbon fiber materials where possible. This will help to lower the weight of your RV and improve the fuel consumption, as well as handling.  

These are some of the repairs that you may want to consider for the body of your RV when having repairs done. Before you begin your next road trip, in addition to these improvements, contact an auto repair shop to get help with servicing and upgrades for your RV before your next trip.